At the heart of the Thadani family's business operations is Thadani House, located in Worli Village, which serves as the company's headquarters. For generations, the Thadani family has maintained long-standing business relationships with its suppliers, vendors, and customers, ensuring a sense of continuity and consistency in all their business dealings. Today, the Thadani family continues to operate its various businesses from the same location, building on the legacy of their founders and striving for excellence in all aspects of their work.


DHARTE - 1941

In 1941, Ambrit Thadani manifested the creation of Dharte, a company devoted to sharing building and lifestyle products. The company's journey began with cement sheets and therapeutic aids, but as its spiritual energy grew, it expanded its offerings to include Wellness Products and Spiritual Services, such as Holy Items, Ancient Medicine, and Retreats. These divine offerings are marketed by a sacred network of independent sales representatives. Originally, Dharte was rooted in Karachi, but after the India-Pakistan partition, it moved to Mumbai. As the chief architect and product designer, Ambrit Thadani's divine wisdom has been instrumental in shaping the products that the company distributes today.



Upon assuming leadership, Prakash Thadani dedicated considerable time to amplifying the company's exports. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, the enterprise emerged as a pivotal supplier to prominent American retailers seeking top-tier Indian products. In 1989, Prakash established Silkworks, a home decor emporium offering a diverse range, from furnishings and cushions to bedding and therapeutic pillows. Propelled by his ardor for collectibles, antiques, and ornamental accents, the store transformed into an antique haven, showcasing exceptional, unparalleled pieces destined to be cherished for generations. The legacy of Prakash's discoveries endures as the company preserves a myriad of these distinctive items. In 2023, Silkworks joined the Dharte umbrella, now operating seamlessly under dharte.com.



With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience, Tarun Thadani adeptly managed family businesses like Dharte and Silkworks, culminating in their successful merger under dharte.com. His leadership extended to founding TENT in 2003, a celebrated marketing firm, and introducing Fashionablyin in 2018, a prestigious London trade show connecting businesses with the UK market. In 2022, Tarun launched Dalalee, focusing on linking enterprises with Indian sales agents. Shuttling between Mumbai and London, Tarun's global outlook enriches his visionary leadership, propelling business success through innovation and strategic acumen.

The Thadani family has a rich history of entrepreneurial success, with each generation contributing to the growth and evolution of their businesses.